Sunday, July 29, 2007

We'll take cheese with that pleaseeeeeee

Who doesn't love a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese???? We took the girls Friday and they love it. However, for me i miss the days of Showbiz with the bears that had those eyes that would blink when they sang and the bodies that moved soooooo slowly, does anyone remember that? Anyways, after we spent the $20 which was cheap because we had a coupon, this is the prize we got that Lily is holding. Some eye glass thing and 2 tootsie rolls, 2 magnets, and a chuck-e-cheese squeesy toy. Personally, i could have bought these things at the flea market for a dollar, thank you very much but you would have thought the girls won the jackpot. The pics were taken after they got home. Oh, and them already asking "Chuck-E-Cheese pleaseeee again, Mommy?"

Monday, July 23, 2007

Little glasses

I learned yesterday morning that my grandmother had passed away and while this was a grandmother i wasn't that close to because she didin't live close by, i still have fond memories of her. When i was a little girl and we would go and visit her, she had these little glasses that were just the size for my hand that i could drink with. Recently, my mom and i came upon these glasses while cleaning out her house and she asked if i wanted them. Of course because of the memories associated with them. I brought them home for the girls who were excited to use "big" glasses to drink from. I realized that often times it's not the expensive gifts that are important but the cheap ol' glasses that bring smiles to little ones faces. Plus, every time i get them out of my cabinet, I'll always think of my sweet Granny.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Manuel for Dummies

This is my ceiling in my garage and that is my sheetrock on the floor of my garage. I must be the only person alive that doesn't know that you really shouldn't step on sheetrock because it's not meant to hold a person's weight. I nearly killed myself trying to get a booster seat of Ella's that my husband had put on the OTHER side of the storage space. If i hadn't been holding on to the beams i would have fallen straight on top of my car. My body is quite bruised with fist sized marks and scrapes on my legs from where my legs buckled when the piece fell through. Not one of my best moves.........

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At night time, the kids always give each other a hug and kiss and it's the sweetest thing to see when they love one another. I happened to catch them in the act and then another of them being cheesy! Also, we just got the Baby Einstein First Signs dvd and it's the best for teaching sign language. Lily has learned to sign a ton of words even just at 2. I totally recommend it.
Love to all!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

More party fun, another Barbie cake and one pic from the 4th. Class is back in session for me and I am busy. I took Ella to the dentist to get a cavity filled(yes, shot and all) and she did extremelywell! I'm glad that is over with.