Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let's get this party started

Tomorrow is Ella's 4th birthday but we celebrated today with a party at my parents and of course too many presents. For Christmas, Ella got a Fisher Price dollhouse and we had got a couple of the rooms but my mom went and got all of the other rooms which was about NINE of them. Do you see the pic of the 9-1-1 book? Isn't that funny? Lily already has that one down as she called 9-1-1 when she was 15 months but mom thought that Ella could use these as a teaching tool. And of course, the baby doll, only the 21st one that we have.... This year it was a Barbie party instead of Disney princess. I could say that i can't believe that 4 years have gone by but i have and Brandon has felt every one of those years. However, i HATE that she is grower older because she's not my baby anymore but i love to see how her imagination grows as she grows. So, Happy Birthday to my sweet girl Ella Annelise Daniel~

Friday, June 29, 2007

Must be a girl thing!

I was reading Christy's blog about sweet Baylor vacuuming when i looked up and there was Lily with her vacuum except she was just in a diaper. Weird coincidence huh? Must be a girl thing.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Counting my Blessings

Okay, i know we are trying to get rid of the pal and now Ella has one but the girls were too cute in these pics, don't you think and i couldn't resist sharing. There are days where i think that i'm going to lose my sanity and that i am a failure as a mother. Do any of you feel this way? Ella is so overemotional about EVERYTHING!!! and Lily is the exact opposite. Everything is a huge task with Ella and I am so tired. We still have trouble getting her to sleep at night and taking naps. Teethbrushing is hard, taking a bath is hard, getting clothes on is hard, do you see where i'm going with this? It makes you feel like a big fat loser! However, i was driving along and thinking today how fortunate we were that she was healthy and happy and that she was ALIVE! Not every parent is so fortunate and i count my blessings everyday. So this picture is a reminder that i have two healthy happy(save for the meltdowns) children that i can thank God for each day. Love to all!

Monday, June 25, 2007

More Wedding Pictures

Lora with the girls
Brandon's mom and the girls
Just wanted to show the back of Ella's hair

1 VBS + 1Wedding =Total Exhaustion

Do we have to do this throwing flower thing?

This has been the most exhausting week for us. We have been busy with Vacation Bible School every night which the girls loved but wiped me out as i was head over Ella's group which consisted of 25 preschoolers. There is a reason i don't do daycare anymore. God bless those people! Then, on this past Saturday, Brandon's youngest brother got married and the girls were flower girls. This is how that went down. Ella cried once she saw all of the people looking at her and refused to go down the aisle and Lily stood in one spot and dropped all her flower petals. Oh well! Ella loves her Uncle Ta as she used to call him and the last picture is of her and him. She wasn't too sure about him getting married and his new wife Lora will have to work hard to get her affection. I'm sure in time she will! We are glad that this week is over with and glad to be back blogging. I start school next week so keep me in your thoughts!
Love to all!
P.S. Is Ella not the cheese queen in these pics or what?

Friday, June 15, 2007

I promise...

that i have not forgotten about this blog. We've just been busy with everything. You name it. I'm getting ready to go decorate for VBS at church. Note to self..... Never let Lori Wortman talk you into helping. okay with that said, i'm getting ready to leave. If you knew Lori, she's one of those women who dreams big, REAL BIG... like she wants a running train and abandoned mine in the church building. We'll see. Hope everyone is doing well. Ella's b-day is coming up in a couple of weeks and already she has too much and i haven't bought anything yet. That would be my mom.. I'm off!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

I love my pal and wank-wank!

Lily loves her pal(pacifier) and blanket(wank-wank) trying to break her of pal so her teeth don't stick out, but she LOVES to smell her blanket and it can be smelly at times especially when she drops it on the floor constantly! She also loves to put her wank-wank on her head and mine and Brandon's. The blanket looks so old because it is. It was Brandon's when he was a baby and we tried different ones but this is the one she picked

Hi my name is......

Jennifer and I am addicted to buying dolls for my girls. This was taken Saturday after a trip to Target where they just had to have these dolls. I've learned by now to get the same ones for them so they don't fight over them. Sometimes i think that i should just have twins. I bet we have at least 20 dolls! No exagerration. Anways, aren't they too cute lovin' on their dolls?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Whatchu talkin' about Willis?

That's just what i was thinking when I took this picture. And as for the last couple of pictures, we got this sand and water table for Lily birthday and the girls love it. I highly recommend it for kids and we especially like the umbrella that comes with it.

Whatchu talkin' about Willis?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh the agony!-The talk

Before reading Bambi.....
My girls love to read- are they cute sitting so sweet- this is the calm before the storm

I knew this day would come....No, not the day I had to tell the girls about the birds and the bees but the day when Ella found out about Bambi's mommy-what REALLY happened to her. I haven't let her watch the movie yet because I just can't face it but she does have the book and today we were reading it when she asked me what happened to Bambi's mommy. I told her in the best way possible and then I reminded her to tell her daddy when he got home "Don't kill the deer, Daddy." See Brandon goes hunting and I've told him that he would have to tell her one day about Bambi's mommy and yet it was ME!!!! Oh the agony

On a brighter note, I have lined up my internships for this fall-I have one school in Chattanooga, and two in Dalton so I'm really excited about this.