Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Fun!

We've been busy around here with Ella's birthday, friends visiting, lost teeth, and going to the pool. Ella turned 5 on July 1st and we celebrated with a High School Musical theme. We also went to Chuck-e-Cheese with a friend. Ella was excited to get a Camp Rock cd and some movies along with a few new Barbies. She also lost a couple of teeth which i could not believe. I had to call the dentist to make sure that was okay. I thought that didnt' happen until much much later. My friend Sara from college stopped by to see us and we ate lunch together. It is always so good to see her and she always tries to make time to stop if she comes by our way. We're trying to figure out a time that i can come visit her in Nashville. We are enjoying our summer swimming at the pool and just having fun!