Saturday, June 7, 2008

Birthdays and Vacation

Lily turned 3 on May 26th and I forgot my camera but she had a good time. After Lily's b-day, we went down to Helen,Ga to stay at a time share. We swam at the pool, played mini-golf and just enjoyed relaxing. We also visited Babyland which has the world's largest collection of Cabbage Patch dolls. I felt that i had gone back to my childhood! Some of the dolls that i had when i was little cost $200. Seeing that i was not going to buy the girls 400 dollars worth of dolls, i bought 2 at walmart before i left, kept them in the car and let them buy diapers and bibs. This is the neatest place b/c they actually have the dolls being born and you can name them. The place is free to go to and you don't have to buy anything. They have a nursery, school, christmas theme, and hospital. Totally cute! The gift shop has everything you can imagine. It's located in Cleveland, GA which is in the middle of nowhere but is the birthplace of the founder Xavier Roberts. We recommend it if you have time. In other news, we have just been hanging around. I'm still looking for a job.. We are having fun at the pool and enjoying our weather!