Monday, April 30, 2007

I Wanna Swide!

I captured Lily in all her glory!

See the static electricity

At least that's what Lily calls it when she wants to go slide. We took the kids to the playground last night and there's nothing more special to hear then their squeals of delight when they see the "swide" and "big tunnel". What joy I have in my heart to see them so excited about something they love. Lily goes full force down the "swide" and my heart nearly stops because I think she's going to fly out on her head but she just laughs. Ella, who is my shy child will ask about the slide "Mommy is it not scary?" and I have to reassure her that it is okay. Sometimes it's me or Brandon going down first to show her that it's okay(really we enjoy this as much as the kids-except for the static electricity you get in your hair). I love to see my children happy and if you have children also I know you share with me this excitement and delight of seeing your children enjoy what they love especially if it's "Swiding"

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Silly Girls! Oh and Daddy too

Our Crazy Life!!!

So we finally entered the world of blogging after all of the pressure from friends to begin one! Ella is almost 4 and Lily will be 2 next month. Time really does fly! Currently, I am trying to finish my final exams for the semester with grad school. I'll be done in one year and can officially be a school counselor!!! Well, that is if I pass my exams.....Ok, we won't worry about that now. Anyways, our family is looking for a little down time and maybe one of these days a nice vacation??? Hope your week is going well.
Love to all!!